Education Minister, Fayval Williams is appealing to the education sector to double the efforts to curb anti-social and maladaptive behaviour by some students, parents and other stakeholders.

In a statement yesterday, Minister Williams says the Ministry is very concerned with videos being circulated on social media from time to time depicting students showing disruptive and aggressive behaviour.

She says most recently, a video surfaced showing the President of a Parent Teachers Association in a violent confrontation with a student.

Minister Williams says this is unacceptable and should not be condoned.

She said the videos highlights the need for a radical shift in creating respectful relationships between all education stakeholders.

The Minister is also urging negligent parents to remember their responsibilities for their children and for schools to utilize the MoEY’s training for Guidance Counsellors and Deans of Discipline.

She’s also calling for all teachers to become familiar with restorative justice and other tools that will help them to anticipate negative emotions and not be baited into arguments or unprofessional conduct.