Amid fears about the introduction of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), the Education Ministry is insisting that the assessment portion of the exit profile will not be disadvantageous to students.

The assessment aspect of the program is to be rolled out next year.

Manager of the Students’ Assessment Unit in the Education Ministry, Terry-Ann Thomas Gayle, says a select number of students will be chosen to participate in the assessment pilot.

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She was speaking at a PEP Town Hall meeting on Tuesday.

In an interview with Nationwide News, Mrs. Thomas Gayle says PEP will focus on helping students develop first-rate abilities of application.

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She says more information about the program will be shared with parents in Parent-Teachers’ Association, PTA, meetings.

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The curriculum for the PEP programme was rolled out this year. The programme starts in grade four and consists of school-based assessments, communication task and other activities.

Teachers are also to be trained next year in administering and grading of the assessments.