Education and Information Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, says the government is considering relaxing restrictions on the use of mobile phones in schools.

Minister Reid says a new policy guideline regarding the use of Information and Communication Technology, ICT, will soon be issued to schools.

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And, Minister Reid says the government will undertake an international review of the education system to facilitate student’s problem solving and information gathering skills.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet media conference today, Minister Reid says Cabinet has approved Jamaica’s participation in the Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA.

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According to Minister Reid, the evaluation would cost the government more than $116-million over a four-year period.

The review would start in 2021. He says 80 countries across the world is evaluated by PISA. This includes Jamaica’s Caribbean neighbour, Trinidad and Tobago.

The government also revealed today that it has awarded contracts to two companies to supply and deliver tablets to schools. The contracts are valued at more than USD$30-million.