The Education Ministry is this morning accusing the Board of the St. Andrew High for Girls of making several misleading comments in a statement it issued to the media last week.

The statement from the school last Thursday was in response to Minister Ruel Reid’s accusation that the school was one of several which had breached the Government’s non-mandatory auxiliary fees policy.

The Board of St Andrew High for Girls denied the allegation which was made by Minister Reid during a post cabinet media briefing the previous day.

Stevian Simmonds has the latest in the row between the Education Minister and school administrators following comments likening their actions to an attempt to extort.

The Minister has since withdrawn the reference.

Last Thursday, St Andrew High School for Girls moved to defend the contribution it has requested of parents. But, Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, says there are several misleading statements in the media release issued by the St. Andrew High school board.

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In a statement issued yesterday, the Education Ministry said subsequent to Minister Reid’s radio interview on the non-compliance of some schools and before the publishing of a media release by St. Andrew High, there was a discussion between the Ministry and the Principal via telephone.

It says during the conversation, concerns were raised about a letter Principal Reid had sent to parents.

Minister Reid says the letter which requested the contribution from parents is another case of the St. Andrew High administration not complying with the Ministry’s policy.

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Meanwhile, the Education Ministry says it has not received the income and expenditure report from St Andrew High as requested prior to the start of the 2016/2017 school year.

It says the institution has indicated its intention to submit the documents shortly.

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