Stevian Simmonds reports.

Jamaica’s Acting Chief Education Officer, Dr Kasan Troupe, is warning schools that if they fail to abide by the anti-COVID-19 measures come September, the Health Ministry can order the institutions be closed.

Dr Troupe is also advising parents that they’ll have to foot the expense for the provision of hand sanitizers and masks for their children when the new school year begins in under two months.


The Acting Chief Education Officer says schools will benefit from monies to rent tents and other resources to assist with observing the social distancing protocols.

But, she says for the most part, parents will be required to provide masks and hand sanitizers for their children.

She’s warning all institutions including private schools to abide by the protocols.

Dr Troupe says if infection prevention mechanisms are not in place.

Dr Troupe says based on the assessment of the Ministry, 411 of the 970-plus public schools have measures in place to reopen normally.

She says schools will use what’s called a blended learning approach.

She says the Ministry will continue to provide maintenance, janitorial and nutrition grants.

Dr Troupe says additional monies will be provided for sanitization.

She says a bulletin outlining measures for Early Childhood institutions, is to be sent out soon.

Stevian Simmonds for nationwide News.

In the meantime, Dr Troupe says students will also be subjected to diagnostic tests when schools resume.

She says this will particularly benefit those who were unable to participate in the emergency remote learning initiative in response to COVID-19.

Dr. Kasan Troupe, Acting Chief Education Officer, addressing parents during a virtual meeting on the weekend.
And, she says available spaces at tertiary institutions are to be used to facilitate some sixth form sessions.