Professor of Public Health and Aging, Denise Eldemire Shearer, says she is of the view that a good number of elderly persons will volunteer to be vaccinated. She says many of them are petrified of COVID 19, as they equate the virus with death.

People aged 60 and over are among the priority groups to receive the vaccine, as they are more prone to adverse illnesses and death as a result of the virus.

Stevian Simmonds reports.


Professor Eldemire Shearer says a majority of elderly people have been strictly adhering to the COVID 19 protocols including the stay-at-home orders. But she says for many of them, it’s taking a toll.

She says she’s received hundreds of notifications of elderly people volunteering to be vaccinated.

Professor Eldemire Shearer says people should still be cautious even after taking the vaccine. In fact, she says life may never return to where it was as prior to 2020.

She notes with vaccination of the elderly on target, there could be a relaxing of some of the restrictions.

Stevian Simmonds, for Nationwide News.