Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, is placing the country on General Election alert.

Dr. Phillips is also blasting the opposition JLP, while urging Jamaicans to keep faith with the Simpson Miller administration.

Dr. Phillips has not been very active on the political platform in recent times.

But the Finance Minister returned from Ethiopia on Sunday and headed straight to a PNP meeting in Clarendon. He told comrades he has an important message.

Dr. Phillips says a JLP win in the next election would retard the progress the country has made over the past three years.

Dr. Phillips used the occasion to defend the integrity of the agreement with the IMF, before noting that the next IMF test will be passed.

Dr. Phillips told comrades that if the JLP were still in power, the country would at this hour be mired in the same crisis as Greece.

He then lashed the Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw. He says Shaw lacks credibility.