The new attorney representing former President of the Moravian Church, Paul Gardner, this morning told the Manchester Parish Court that his client has not received full disclosure about the child sex abuse charges against him.

Prominent defense lawyer, Peter Champagnie, is now representing Gardner.

Parish Judge, Desiree Alleyne, today ruled that the matter be postponed until next Wednesday to facilitate full disclosure by the prosecution.

Gardner’s former Vice President, Jermaine Gibson, is also charged with him. He’s also to return to court next Wednesday.

A hostile crowd gathered at the Manchester Parish Court this morning to support the accused Ministers. There was high drama at the Manchester Parish Court this morning.

Members of the Moravian Church community and others came to support Gardner and Gibson. Inside the courtroom, it was tense.

Gardner wore a frown throughout the proceedings which lasted approximately 10 minutes. Gibson smiled a few times.

The presiding judge agreed to the request of Gardner’s attorney, Peter Champagnie, for more disclosure and postponed the matter until next Wednesday.

As the ministers left the courthouse, about 30 of their supporters rushed towards them, telling them words of encouragement.

They told them not to worry. And that they were there for them.

An elderly woman kissed both of Gibson’s hands as he left the court house. She said she’s his godmother and a former Moravian. But she admitted that she’s embarrassed by the sex scandal gripping the Moravian church.

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Some of Gardener and Gibson’s supporters were angry at the media for attempting to photograph them.

They criticized the media for focussing to much on the Ministers.

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One camera man got into a tussle with a police officer after he tried to take photos of the accused.

The police officer pulled his firearm and a heated verbal exchange ensued.

Gregory Bennett is a cameraman who works with the Jamaica Observer. He says he witnessed the incident.

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The cameraman involved in the incident was escorted to the nearby Mandeville Police station. He later told Nationwide News that he wasn’t charged. He said he also did not wish to take legal action against the policeman.

One lady, Velma Plumber, was adamant that what the ministers are accused of, is not rape.

She said she’s not a Moravian but is in full support of both Ministers.

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