The Energy Ministry says portfolio Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, is moving to take decisive action to deal with what it describes as grave issues at Petrojam.

In a statement Friday afternoon, the Ministry said Dr. Wheatley summoned to a meeting three Jamaicans who sit on the Board of Directors of the State-owned oil refinery.

The Jamaicans are – Board Chairman, Dr. Perceval Bahado Singh, along with Richard Creary and Harold Malcolm.

Three Venezuelans comprise the rest of the board.

According to the Energy Ministry, Minister Wheatley’s decision to meet with the local directors was prompted by preliminary findings following a probe into several grave and troubling issues at Petrojam.

Minister Wheatley says he’ll use the powers accorded to his office to take decisive action to deal with the issues.

The Ministry did not give details on the actions which it says Dr. Wheatley intends to take.

However, the Ministry says Dr. Wheatley is asking for the public’s patience as he moves to address all relevant issues.

Petrojam has been plagued in recent weeks by allegations of impropriety and inappropriate expenditure at the entity.

Those allegations came to the fore this week when Petrojam General Manager, Floyd Grindley, came under fire at a sitting of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC.