The licence that was granted to Energy World International, EWI, to construct the 381-megawatt power plant will be officially revoked on July 21.


That’s according to a statement from the office of Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell.


A brief statement this afternoon from Minister Paulwell’s office says the licence will be revoked after consultations with the Office of Utilities Regulation.


It says consideration was also given to representations made by EWI.


The statement says Minister Paulwell has notified EWI of the revocation of the Amended and Restated Energy World Limited Supply of Electricity Licence.


Nationwide News understands that the Government and the preferred bidder may be on a legal collision course over the decision to revoke the company’s license to proceed to the execution phase of the botched 381-megawatt project.


Nationwide News understands that lawyers for the Hong Kong-based company are adamant that the move is ill-advised.


A source close to EWI’s legal team has told our news center that the company responded to the notice of revocation by insisting that there’s no basis to terminate its license.