PAC Chairman, Mark Golding, is recommending that the Auditor General be given oversight of the forensic audit to be conducted into the $5-billion of oil losses at Petrojam.

He made the recommendation yesterday following a response from the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Sancia Bennett Templer. She says the management of Petrojam would be responsible for procuring services.

Chairman Golding says a more transparent process of procurement is needed.

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PAC member, Peter Bunting, also questioned why those to be investigated would be choosing the investigators of the forensic audit.

Member Mikhail Phillips, further stated that the forensic audit needed to be broadened to Petrojam’s overall operations.

Meanwhile, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica’s Group Internal Auditor, Ashlyn Malcolm, was questioned about her oversight of audits that had been done.

She was being questioned by PAC member Fitz Jackson and Chairman Mark Golding.

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