Everton have appealed against the decision to dock them 10 English Premier League points for financial rule breaches.

The Toffees were handed the punishment – the biggest in Premier League history – by an independent commission.

The club have lodged their appeal with the Premier League’s judicial panel, and an appeal board will now be appointed to hear the case.

The club admitted the breach but said they were “shocked and disappointed” at the severity of the punishment.

The appeal will be heard and concluded before the end of this season.

It’s understood that the club have not been told how the figure of 10 points was reached by the independent commission which decided the sanction, and feel a sporting penalty for breaking financial limits is unjust.

The appeal will go before a panel which will review the ruling of the commission, assessing the process and whether, in its opinion, the penalty issued was fair or not.

The points deduction dropped Everton from 14th in the Premier League table to 19th.