Two of the three People’s National Party Councillors from Westmoreland who resigned from the party in July this year, have crossed the floor and joined the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP.

Councillor for the Little London Division, Ian Myles and Councillor for the Sheffield Division, Garfield James, switched sides during Thursday’s sitting of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.

Councillor for the Grange Hill Division, Lawton McKenzie, who also resigned from the PNP remains an independent councillor.

The move by Myles and James now gives the JLP outright control of the Corporation.

They have six seats, the PNP have five, with one seat under the independent banner.

At the time of their resignation from the PNP in July, the councillors expressed their disapproval of the party’s decision to select Ian Hayles as caretaker for the constituency of Western Westmoreland.

At least one of the councillors slated the PNP at that time for rewarding loyalty instead of listening to the plea of the ordinary people.