The relatives of a man who was killed in a police shooting in Spanish Town are claiming he was executed.

On Monday, two alleged gunmen were killed by the police on the Spanish Town bypass. Dead are O’Neil Johnson and Ricardo Stewart.

They were described in a report from the police’s Corporate Constabulary Unit, CCU, as gunmen. The police reported that both men were shot during a confrontation with police at about 5:25 Monday afternoon.

They say they seized a 9-millimetre Rochester pistol and a magazine containing four 9-millimetre rounds. But the relatives of one of the so-called gunmen are disputing the police’s version of the events.

O’Neil Johnson is being described as a family man who worked as a taxi driver. It’s far cry from the allegations that he’s a gunman. In fact, allegations that he was involved in a police shootout are being disputed by his relatives.

One relative, Theresa Francis, says her cousin-in-law was killed execution style by the police.

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Ms. Francis says the entire family is struggling to cope with the loss of Mr. Johnson.

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In a statement, the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, says the men were reportedly shot after a car with five men opened fire on a police team.

INDECOM says the other men are reported to have escaped. They’re appealing for anyone with information to come forward to assist in their investigation.