Forecasters are now predicting that the rest of this year’s hurricane season will be below or near normal.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica says there’s now a 60-percent chance the season will be below normal.

And a 30-percent chance it will be about normal. In May, the prediction was for a near or above normal season.

The region is now almost halfway through the 2018 hurricane season. But the Met Service warns that August, September and October are usually the most active months, so Jamaicans should still be prepared.

The updated outlook now calls for nine to thirteen named storms. So far, there’ve been four.

The outlook also predicts four to seven hurricanes – two have already occurred this year.

They’re expecting a maximum of two major hurricanes, category three or higher. So far, there’ve been none.

The Met Service says they’ve lowered the prediction because the sea surface has been exceptionally cool this summer.

Additionally, models are projecting El Nino to become strong enough to help suppress the hurricane season.