Extortionists are getting up to $1.5-million from bus and taxi operators per day.

That’s according to President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, TODSS, Egeton Newman.

Mr. Newman says while operators are being extorted islandwide there’re a number of hot spots.

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Mr. Newman says the extortionists will either come to the transport centre or the drivers are stopped on the road.

He says displaced extortionists are also heading to other parishes to continue their criminal acts.

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The TODSS President says operators continue to complain about their safety.

This, as two bus drivers have been over four days.

Mr.Newman says the top issues plaguing the public transport sector are security in the transport centres and the prevalence of extortionists and loader men.

In particular, Mr. Newman is describing the Spanish Town Transport Centre as a ‘killing field.’

He says if a security post cannot be re-established at that facility they’ll have no choice but to ask members not to use the facility until the matter is addressed.

A bus operator was killed in the Transport centre on Monday.

Another operator was also killed last Friday in the Transport Centre in Santa Cruz, St.Elizabeth following an altercation with a loader man.