Sandrea Falconer spoke the truth!

That’s the word from the British High Commission in Kingston.

The High Commission had originally contradicted Minister Falconer, when it denied asking for the media to be barred from asking questions of Prime Minister David Cameron, on his working visit to the island this week.

Minister Falconer had said the decision to bar the media was made following a request by the British Government.

Falconer said Japan had made a similar request regarding the visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The decision to bar the press from interviewing either leader, provoked much controversy.

The Press Association of Jamaica, PAJ, intervened and sent letters of complaint to Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller the UK High Commission and the Japanese Embassy.

Senator Falconer insisted on social media on Tuesday that the UK had in fact asked that no questions be accommodated, after bilateral talks between Mr. Cameron and Mrs. Simpson Miller.

But addressing a media briefing yesterday the UK High Commissioner to Kingston, David Fitton contradicted her claim.

High Commissioner Fitton’s unequivocal contradiction of Senator Falconer caused persons to question whether the Information Minister intentionally misled the country.

As media personnel who attended yesterday’s briefing made a note of his contradiction of the Government’s Chief Spokesperson, High Commissioner Fitton said he should quoted.

There was more intrigue as the Office of the Prime Minister issued a statement last night, standing by Senator Falconer’s claim that the UK did request that the media be barred from asking questions.

But in a major U-turn today – a statement from the UK High Commission contradicted Fitton’s account and indicated that what Senator Falconer said was actually the truth.

Today’s statement from the High Commission says – ” we had therefore requested there be no questions because of the time constraints.”

So what has accounted for the U-turn from the High Commission?

Why did David Fitton say yesterday that the UK certainly did not direct that no questions be accommodated from the media?

And will the UK’s Chief Diplomat in Kingston apologize to Jamaica’s Information Minister?