A section of the Falmouth bypass near Hague, Trelawny has partially collapsed, forcing the closure of the road.

The National Works Agency, NWA, says heavy rains have caused significant erosion and the partial collapse.

Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, described the road as ‘floating’.

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He’s advising motorists to use the alternative route through the town of Falmouth.

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Meanwhile, he says effective immediately the main road between Green Hill and Keynsham in Manchester is also closed. A section of that road has also collapsed.

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Mr. Shaw is advising that motorists wishing to travel to Evergreen from the direction of Mandeville use the road through Mile Gully, Endeavour, Johns Hall, Medina and St. Paul. He says reports will be completed on both road closures.

Mr. Shaw says fixing both thoroughfares will be treated as emergency cases.