The family of a former teacher, Haile Clacken, who was shot and killed allegedly by Guardsman security guard on the weekend this afternoon marched in his honour.

Mr. Clacken taught at Hampton High School and Munro College, in St. Elizabeth.

He was allegedly shot and killed after he reportedly hopped onto a Guardsman truck in St. Elizabeth.

Mr. Clacken’s mother, Lilieth Clacken, says the walk started close to the Junction Police Station.

She says it’ll end where her son was shot and killed in Cheapside in the parish.

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Mr. Clacken had suffered from bi-polar disorder. His mother says her family will today launch a bi-polar foundation in his honour.

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Members of the community had protested against the security guards, after Mr. Clacken was shot and killed. But Mrs. Clacken is today encouraging participants in the march to act peacefully.

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