The police have increased their presence in the area of Central Kingston, known as Southside, after four men were gunned down in three separate incidents over the weekend.

The bloodshed has prompted a family member of two of the men who died to make a public call for an end to the bloodshed.

The family member, Shane Morgan, is one of the founders of the popular cultural destinations in the community, Life Yard.

Shortly after 7 Friday evening, residents of Fleet Street in Southside were sent scampering, when armed men opened fire.

When the shooting ended, 30-year-old Andrew Morgan otherwise called ‘Phang’ was left suffering from gunshot wounds. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died hours later.

Less than 24 hours after Andrew was killed, another Morgan was gunned down. Forty-one year-old, Leaford Morgan, otherwise called Ice, was among two people killed on McWhinney Street when armed men opened fire.

A 22-year old mechanic, Keith Morrell, otherwise called ‘Eddie’ was also shot and killed in this incident.

The fourth victim is 20-year old, Kemar Myers, otherwise called Demarco.
Myers was shot and killed close to his home on Stephen Lane in what’s believed to be a reprisal killing.

In a Facebook post, Shane Morgan is mourning the killing of his brother, Leaford, and his cousin Andrew.

Mr. Morgan is denouncing the cycle of killing in the community.

Murders have more than doubled in the Kingston Central police division over the last year.

Up to November 16 2018, there were 15 murders in the police division. Over the similar period this year, there’ve been 34 murders.