The frustrated family of a man who was killed in the US state of Florida is calling on the authorities to provide them with an update on the status of their investigations.

Dead is 50-year-old Robert George Bowen.

Bowen’s family is bemoaning an investigative process they’ve likened to the slow turning of a wheel.

Daina Davy tells us more.

Robert Bowen was deaf and mute.

But despite his disabilities he integrated himself into his home community of Knockpatrick in Manchester.

He left Jamaica at 16 for the United States where he completed his schooling.

Bowen lived and worked in the USA for 34 years and was a legal resident.

At about 4am on March 21 he entered his car at his home on Watch Hill Road near Pine Hills in Orlando, to head to his job with the REV Group, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of fire apparatus and emergency vehicles.

Bowen didn’t make it to work.

His vehicle never left the driveway.

Police found him suffering from four gunshot wounds.

He died in hospital.

Robert Bowen’s brother, Ransford Ricketts, says although he was deaf and a mute, the 50-year-old was never one to feel sorry for himself.

Bowen’s family, most of whom are based in Jamaica, say they are frustrated at the silence from the authorities as they seek answers about the status of the investigation into his death.

They say they’ve tried numerous times to reach investigators at the Orlando Police Department, without success.

Our news centre has tried to help by calling the Orlando Police on the family’s behalf.

Most of the calls went unanswered.

One call was connected but our reporter was cut off after being on hold for more than an hour.

Mr. Ricketts says the family knows that closure is a long way away.

He says it cannot be too much for the authorities to provide the family with an update at this time.

Our news centre has contacted a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to seek representation on behalf of the family of Robert Bowen.