Several farmers across the island have experienced a complete wipe out of their farms by floodwaters costing millions of dollars.
Nigel Levy, a farmer in St. Thomas says his loss is over a million dollars.

Kingsley Palmer, a farmer from St Elizabeth says he suffered substantial losses, losing all of his tomatoes and experiencing extreme soil erosion.

The Munro farmer says his investment so far was over quarter million dollars.

Mr. Palmer  says the farmers across the bread basket parish have seen a total wipe out of certain crops such as tomatoes and watermelon.

Over in St. Mary, farmer Michael Laughton says the farmers have experienced a total loss of watermelons and tomatoes as well.

Michael Laughton, St. Mary Farmer.

The farmers were speaking on Nationwide this morning with Wayne Walker and Tauna Thomas.

Mr. Palmer says he hopes aid for farmers will not be distributed on a partisan basis.

Mr. Palmer was joined by fellow farmer in St. Mary Michael Laughton who echoed similar sentiments.

Minister Green in responding is assuring farmers that the distribution model will ensure the affected farmers benefit.

Floyd Green, Agriculture Minister.