The father of the baby that was stolen from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, last month, says he’s overjoyed at the news that his child has been found.

The Police say DNA tests have confirmed that the baby that was brought to the Registrar General’s Department, RGD, in St. Catherine, two days ago, is the child that was stolen from the maternity hospital.

Police arrested the woman who brought the baby to RGD after she tried to register the newborn baby boy but couldn’t properly account for where she got the baby.

In an interview with Nationwide News this afternoon, the child’s father, Sinclair Hutton, says his entire family, including his seven-year-old son, has been rocked by the ordeal.

This was Mr Hutton’s reaction to news that his baby boy– who was missing for almost a month– has been found.

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The Police say the child was recovered following intense investigations that spanned multiple agencies and parishes.

The suspected baby snatcher, remains in the custody of the Police, as the probe continues. She’s to face an identification parade. While Mr Hutton says he’s yet to receive his baby, in hand, he says he’s overjoyed at the news his child is safe. He says his family has been suffering for the past month.

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Mr. Hutton says he was worried when the Police told him that the woman was insisting that the baby was her’s. But he’s grateful for all the support and prayers his family has been receiving.

Mr Hutton also had something to say to his baby’s abductor and also those he calls ‘naysayers’.

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Meanwhile, Regional Director of the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA, Maureen Golding, is expressing relief that the baby boy will be reunited with his parents.

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Ms. Golding says in light of the incident the Kingston Public Hospital and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital will continue to revise it’s security protocols to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

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