Neika Lewis spoke with the grieving father.

The father of a grade four student who reportedly died after presenting with dengue-related symptoms is calling for a thorough investigation into the death of his child.

Dwayne Campbell alleges Dejonee was misdiagnosed by a private doctor.

He also alleges that the medication the doctor prescribed led to her rapid deterioration.

Dejonee died on September 28 at hospital.

Dwayne Campbell alleges that his daughter Dejonee, died after a private doctor misdiagnosed her symptoms.

Symptoms that were allegedly later confirmed to be dengue-related.

Mr Campbell says his daughter’s school in St Elizabeth notified the child’s mother of her illness on the Monday and by the Saturday she was dead.

He says after days of taking the medication and seeing no positive results they rushed the child to the Mandeville Hospital in Manchester.

The grieving father says that’s where his family discovered his daughter’s fight was with the vector-borne disease -dengue.

He recalled her final moments on September 28.

Mr Campbell says the family is now awaiting an autopsy.

The Montpelier Housing Scheme resident says it wasn’t until after his daughter’s death that he observed fogging in their community.

In the meantime, the child’s former school will be having a memorial in her honour on October 20.