Nationwide News understands that US law enforcement officials attached to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, have released from custody, Jamaican national and Managing Director of the Russell Tennis Academy, Rayne Russell.

Russell was interrogated by US investigators over the weekend on suspicion of planning to carry out a terror attack in Miami, Florida

Rayne Russell is also a tennis coach and a former Jamaican tennis player.

Rayne along with his father, Richard, and his brother, Ryan, operate the Russell Tennis Academy which is based on Hopefield Avenue in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Russell’s encounter with the FBI has attracted the attention of the US media.

Rayne Russell was detained after he posted a photograph of himself with a high powered weapon on the social media site, Instagram.

On the table beside him was a handgun which had a silencer attached.

The Jamaican Tennis Coach placed a caption below the image which indicated he was in the US to attend the Ultra Music Festival, held in Miami on the weekend. He was taken into custody and interrogated by the FBI and the City of Miami Police.

The Miami-based 7-news network treated the incident as an exclusive.

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7-news network also expanded on the circumstances which led to Mr. Russell being taken into custody.

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After he was questioned – the FBI and the Miami Police concluded that no terror attack was being planned.

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Meanwile, the Managing Director of the Russell Tennis Academy, is apologizing for his actions.

In a social media post on Sunday – Rayne Russell wrote – “I apologize for this ignorant mistake and to whom it may have offended or terrified”

Russell commented that his arrest was based on a huge misunderstanding. He says he’d quickly removed the caption below the photograph which showed him posing with a high powered gun.

Mr. Russell noted that the caption had indicated that he was in Miami to attend the Ultra Music Festival.

Russell says the situation deteriorated when the US Police were using an old number to contact him and failed.

He says this created the perception that he was resisting law enforcement.

Russell wrote during his statement of apology, that he was questioned for several hours by US law enforcement then released without charge.

On January 18 this year when a State of Public Emergency was declared in St. James, Mr. Russell had also stirred controversy on social media when he posted a photograph to Instagram.

In that image, Russell had what appeared to be a handgun on his chest and was propped up by an inflated rubber while he lay on his back in a swimming pool

Russell commented below that photograph – “what, they say said state of emergency … but I want to swim … it’s not that serious”.

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