Despite an increase in cases of measles in the US and the region, Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton says fewer Jamaicans are opting to take the measles vaccine.

He’s also reminding the public that measles can be fatal.

The Health Ministry says its monitoring the island for imported cases of measles.

The ministry says as at March 30, 2019 there’ve been more than 3-thousand 6-hundred suspected cases and nearly 600 confirmed cases in the Americas.

Of that number it says the US accounted for just over 3- hundred cases.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of the Family Health Unit in the Ministry of Health Dr Melody Ennis says symptoms usually appear 10 to 12 days after exposure.

Symptoms may include high fever, runny nose, watery red eyes, followed by rash on the face, neck and other other body parts.

Both were speaking yesterday at a media briefing in Kingston.

The Ministry’s training 60 healthcare personnel in measles outbreak response and has launched a public sensitization campaign.

They’re also urging persons to call 888-ONE-LOVE- that’s 663-5683 or visit the nearest health centre for information.