More details are emerging about the fiery meeting of the PNP’s NEC on Saturday, where Joan Gordon-Webley’s membership application took center stage.

Nationwide News understands that there was uproar when it was discovered that Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay, Michael Troupe, had recorded a section of the private NEC meeting and broadcast it on social media.

Troupe’s action sparked anger.

He was booted from a part of Saturday’s proceedings, but was re-admitted to the session on Sunday after he apologized.

Troupe had reportedly posted to Facebook, a section of Damion Crawford’s presentation, where Crawford said he felt no animosity towards Mrs. Gordon Webley.

Troupe endorsed Crawford’s comments as – ‘real talk’.

It’s understood that when Troupe’s actions were discovered PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke ordered that all mobile phones in the meeting be turned off.

When contacted by our news centre today, Mr. Troupe defended his actions.

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Our sources say emotions also ran high, as a tearful NEC member alleged that Gordon Webley had sacked several persons from the National Solid Waste Management Authority, without just cause.

President of the PNP’s Women’s Movement, Jennifer Edwards, also contributed to the explosive NEC meeting.

Our sources say Miss Edwards told comrades that Gordon Webley had contacted her requesting support.

But Miss Edwards said that support would not be forthcoming.

When contacted this afternoon, Miss Edwards declined to confirm or deny what our sources say was her contribution to the explosive NEC meeting.

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Meantime, it’s understood that during the NEC meeting, PNP Vice President, Senator Angela Brown Burke and Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator AJ Nicholson were also involved in a tense exchange.

Senator Brown Burke reportedly branded some persons opposed to Mrs. Gordon Webley, as hypocrites.

Those comments came after a contribution by Local Government Minister, Noel Arscott, in which he criticized Mrs. Gordon Webley.

Minister Nicholson reportedly reminded Senator Brown Burke that she was addressing her porfolio-Minister and recommended she show more respect.

Coming out of the meeting, it was recommended that the PNP and Mrs. Gordon Webley embark on an island-wide consultation regarding her application.

A recommendation was also made that Mrs. Gordon Webley apologize for her controversial Jezebel remark, denounce the JLP and its policies and also publicly endorse the PNP as the best vehicle to move Jamaica forward.