Papa Massata Diack, the son of convicted former IAAF President, Lamine Diack, says if his father decides to tell all he knows, the likes of the FIFA, IAAF and the IOC  will all explode.

Papa Massata says his father holds a lot of what he calls hidden truths and says the day he opens his mouth some of the biggest sports bodies in the world will crumble.

The younger Diack was charged jointly with his father for corruption and breach of trust, stemming from a scheme that allowed Russian Athletes who paid millions in bribes to continue competing when they should have been suspended for drugs.

The father Lamine was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison and another two suspended while the son who was tried in absentia was sentenced to four years and fine 1.2 million Euros.

Papa Massata has been in his native Senegal since the charges were filed five years ago and said yesterday that the authorities who tried the case in Paris will have to send special forces to get him.