The Minister of Finance has ordered an investigation to determine the full impact that major absenteeism from the public sector due to the outbreak of the chikungunya disease is likely to have on the economy.

President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, JCSA, O’neil Grant, says the Public Sector has been hit hard by the outbreak of Chikungunya that’s now affecting the island.

Nationwide News understands that the Dr. Peter Phillips-led Finance Ministry has been moving to ascertain the full impact on productivity levels of the Chikungunya outbreak.

Contacted this afternoon, Public Service Minister, Horace Dalley, who was in Cabinet, referred us to the civil service association head, Oneil Grant, for an update on what was agreed at a recent meeting.

Mr. Grant says the impact of the mosquito-borne disease is being taken seriously.

Mr. Grant says by his estimation, approximately 20-percent of the public sector labour force has been affected by Chikungunya.

The JCSA-boss says viruses similar to Chikungunya have also been taking a major toll on the public sector.

Meanwhile, Mr. Grant says public sector workers in eastern Jamaica have been worst affected by Chik-V.

The JCSA President says his members have reported encountering numerous challenges as they seek treatment for Chik-v and other viral infections.

O’neil Grant, President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, speaking with Nationwide News.