Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, clashed with the Opposition over the vexed issue of banking fees.

Dr. Clarke was answering questions in the House of Representatives Tuesday.

The exchanges became heated after South St. Catherine MP, Fitz Jackson, accused Dr. Clarke of being a spokesperson for the financial institutions.

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Dr. Clarke noted that fees charged by banks make up part of the returns which are used to further invest in improving Jamaica’s financial systems.

In response Jackson questioned if banks would collapse without their imposition.

However, the South St. Catherine MP was not satisfied with Minister Clarke’s response and repeated the question on two further occasions.

Jackson eventually accused Dr. Clarke of attempting to act as a spokesman for banks.

Dr. Clarke objected to Jackson’s comments noting the importance of financial stability.

Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, also chimed in accusing the government of being unwilling to put forward a legislative solution to protect Jamaicans from excessive fees.

However, Dr. Clarke hit back reminding the opposition that the last major financial crash happened on their watch.

Meanwhile, South East St. Ann MP LIsa Hanna, accused Dr. Clarke of being misogynistic in his utterances when he described her as being confused in her statements.

He’s urged Miss Hanna to take a closer look at the actual data.

Lisa Hanna, Member of Parliament for South East St Ann. She was preceded by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke.