Firearm Instructor, Sheldon Neil, says had it been a woman who pulled her licensed firearm at a male vagrant in a recent viral video, she’d face no criticism.

He was reacting to an incident caught on camera and circulated on social media, showing a man pulling his weapon at an apparently mentally challenged woman who was seen trailing him.

The Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, has confirmed that the man is a licensed firearm holder.

It says the man has been called in to surrender his weapon pending an investigation.

Neil is endorsing the action of the licensed firearm holder.

Sheldon Neil, Firearm Instructor, speaking on Nationwide @5 last evening.

In the meantime, Security Consultant, Robert Finzi Smith, is suggesting that people are more willing to videotape licensed firearm holders using their weapons, than gunmen with illegal guns.

He says the woman seen in the video is alleged to have a habit of threatening to infect people with a disease.

Robert Finzi Smith, Security Consultant, speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.