The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, has received its first shipment of natural gas.

This was supplied by New Fortress Energy last week and represents the fulfillment of last year’s agreement between the two companies for the provision of LNG for Jamaica’s 120-megawatt power plant in Bogue, Montego Bay.

New Fortress Energy is in the process of finalizing construction of the Montego Bay LNG terminal and is on track for mechanical completion this month.

After the terminal is complete, JPS and New Fortress Energy are expected to begin the commissioning process.

Head of Corporate Communications at JPS, Winsome Callum, says it’s to be the first of many shipments.

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JPS and New Fortress Energy have also signed an agreement to extend the supply of gas to Jamaica to the new 190-megawatt power plant at Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine.

New Fortress has agreed to finance and develop the infrastructure necessary to deliver Liquefied Natural Gas to the Old Harbour plant.

JPS President and CEO, Kelly Tomblin says she expects Natural gas to play a key role in transforming the energy sector, while supporting industrial development and economic growth.