Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Floyd Green, has told the Parliament the Fisheries sector may lose more than US$23 million in 2020. 

He was speaking this afternoon in the House of Representatives.

This, he says as there’s been an increase in the cost of inputs such as mesh wires.

He says while help and incentives have been provided to farmers, not much has been done for local fisherfolk, many of whom were severely impacted by anti-COVID-19 restriction measures.

Minister Green also announced plans to unveil a fishing relief package, totaling 120 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Opposition MP for South West Clarendon, Lothian Cousins, expressed disappointment at the Agriculture Minister’s presentation, as he enquired what aid the government would be providing to local farmers being battered by flood rains.

Lothian Cousins, Opposition MP for South West Clarendon. 

In response, the Agriculture Minister says the government, though hampered by continuous rainfall, has already started to respond to the plight of farmers.

He says RADA has made 15 million dollars in recovery aid available to farmers in some of the worst hit parishes.

Floyd Green, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister.

Both were speaking in the House of Parliament.