Government Senator Abka Fitz-Henley is blasting as desperate and misleading, the claim by PNP President Mark Golding and Opposition Senate Leader Peter Bunting, that Jamaicans have been saddled with a heavy tax burden by the Holness administration.

Senator Fitz-Henley says the argument is elementary and a sign of the Opposition’s worsening thirst for power.

Robian Williams reports.

During his contribution to the budget debate recently, Opposition Leader Mark Golding sought to discredit the Government’s declaration that it has imposed no new taxes on Jamaicans over the past seven years.

In contesting the claim, Golding reasoned that revenue collection has increased by $419 billion since 2021.

He said this is evidence that Jamaicans have been exposed to additional taxes by successive Holness administrations since 2016.

Golding’s argument was repeated by Opposition Senate Leader Peter Bunting on Wednesday during his contribution to the debate on the Appropriations Bill.

Senator Abka Fitz-Henley, who was among Government lawmakers who voted in favour of the bill, says the argument put forward by Bunting and Golding is not only misleading, but disappointing.

Senator Fitz-Henley says the fact that the Opposition is seeking to attribute an increase in revenues to new taxes amounts to nothing more than ‘desperation politics’.

Fitz-Henley says the PNP has no moral authority to lecture this JLP administration about taxation policy.