South St. Catherine Member of Parliament, Fitz Jackson, is continuing his strident advocacy against the government’s proposal to make Portmore a separate parish from St. Catherine.

Mr. Jackson argues that the move requires a lot more consultation with Portmore residents.

As the Portmore Municipality recognizes 20 years of existence, Mr. Jackson says the intention was never to have Portmore separated from the rest of St. Catherine.

He says he resents the government’s approach to the matter.

Fitz Jackson, Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine, speaking Wednesday evening on Nationwide@5.

In the meantime, Mayor of Portmore, Leon Thomas is calling for more infrastructure development in the city.

He says Portmore is running out of space.

It’s why he’s calling for a Portmore by-pass as well as the widening of the roads.

Leon Thomas, Mayor of Portmore, speaking Wednesday evening on Nationwide @5.