The veteran Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine, Fitz Jackson, has indicated he wants to be the next Chairman of the PNP.

He’d replace Robert Pickersgill, who’s served as party Chairman for 25 years. A flyer signalling his intention is being circulated.

The flyer notes his years of service to the party and country. The flyer – which was reportedly circulated at the PNP’s NEC meeting on the weekend – asks members to support him at their next meeting on October 1.

Mr. Jackson confirmed he wants to be the party’s next Chairman in an interview yesterday with our news centre. He says he has had discussions with Mr. Pickersgill.

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Mr. Jackson says he’s neither sought nor received an endorsement from Mr. Pickersgill for the post.

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Meanwhile, PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, wouldn’t confirm or deny if he’s received any indication from Mr. Pickersgill that he’ll not be seeking re-election in October.

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Calls to Mr. Pickersgill’s phone yesterday went unanswered.