An employee of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) was found to have entered the vault at the gun control authority and returned a firearm to a permit holder after the firearm was seized.

This, is one of the damning revelations revealed by the FLA’s Chief Executive Officer, Shane Dalling, in today’s sitting of Parliament’s Internal and External Affairs Committee.

The Committee Members also heard that more than 1-hundred licenses were improperly granted before Mr. Dalling was appointed FLA boss in 2017.

Mr Dalling says the licenses were issued in a breach of the Authority’s protocols.

Mr. Dalling says since he took over the reins at the FLA, he’s been trying to fix a number of structural deficiencies that have allowed corruption to flourish at the gun control body.

Today, he revealed the scope of the issues he inherited at the FLA.

Mr. Dalling says investigations found that persons employed to the FLA entered the Agency’s vault and unlawfully returned a confiscated firearm.

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Mr. Dalling says this breach is among a number of cases handed over to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Agency, MOCA, for further investigations.

He says when he became CEO of the FLA in 2017, firearm applications were being granted without being subjected to the rigours of the agency’s established vetting processes.

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When quizzed further by Committee Member Lisa Hanna, Mr. Dalling said more than 1-hundred files have been found so far.

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