The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), says it’s raked in $17-million in six weeks from its drive to regularize a number of firearm holders who’ve not made mandatory annual payments for a number of years.

The outstanding payments are for annual fees including the renewal of firearm and ammunition permits.

In a statement today the FLA says it’s reaping significant benefit from an amnesty initiated and implemented as part of the reform agenda developed by the Dennis Wright-led board in June 2017.

FLA CEO, Shane Dalling, says the regularization drive is part of an effort to encourage all licensed firearm holders to have their weapons inspected and their licenses renewed without fear of prosecution.

Mr. Dalling says approximately $17-million was raised in six weeks.

He says the compliance drive was implemented to ensure that the FLA could account for all firearms and the whereabouts of the licensed holders.

Mr. Dalling says the compliance drive is also part of a move to strengthen the accountability of the organization and its operations.

He says since June more than 1,200 licensed firearms have been inspected.

He says many of the weapons which were issued by the Police, before the existence of the FLA, were subjected to ballistic testing for the first time.

Meantime, the FLA CEO says to date over 3-thousand licensed holders have not come in to the FLA to have their weapons inspected.

He says the agency is currently, with the assistance of the police, going house to house to find the guns and the holders.

The FLA top brass is this afternoon urging people who are delinquents on their annual fees to come in and present their firearms for inspection.

The agency is reminding licensed firearm holders that it’s a criminal offence not to present their firearms for inspection each year.

The penalty is up to 12 months imprisonment or a fine of $200,000.

Meanwhile, the FLA says it’s moving to digitize its records which store information about the country’s more than 42,000 licensed firearm holders.

The FLA says it will also be implementing fingerprint and facial recognition machines at all its locations to prevent people with criminal records and dual identities obtaining licensed guns.

Mr. Dalling says the funds generated from this amnesty will be used to implement the digitization of the FLA and the roll out of the agency’s new technological infrastructure

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