Scenes of chaos are being reported in Florida today as people jostle for food, water and gas, all in short supply across the state, in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

Irma is expected to make landfall in Florida by this weekend as an ‘extremely dangerous’ Category 5 hurricane.

Ruby Robinson, a Jamaican living in Florida, says she’s witnessed scenes of ‘sheer terror’ as people try to purchase supplies in preparation for the hurricane.

She says she’s booked her flight to return to Jamaica until the storm passes.

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Kamika Thomas, another Jamaican, says people in Florida are terrified because of the scenes of devastation coming out of Houston after the recent passage of Hurricane Harvey.

She says people camped out at gas stations for hours waiting for gas. She says people aren’t able to get ply board to batten down their houses.

Garnet Newman, another Jamaican living in Florida, says ‘bottled water is like gold’, as people rush to stock up on the commodity. He says there’s ‘chaos’ in stores.

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They were speaking on Nationwide This Morning.