The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade says they’re aware of 18 Jamaicans, including students and teachers, in the Wuhan area of China, the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

A statement from the Ministry says they’re keeping in touch with each and the Embassy, by way of a WhatsApp group for support and communication purposes.

Foreign Minister Kamina Johnson Smith says the Ministry has been assured that the Jamaicans in Wuhan are well and in generally good spirits, notwithstanding some concerns about possible developments in the coming days and weeks.

She says they’re also monitoring official information including that published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese Authorities.

They’re encouraging persons in Jamaica who have families or associates in China to make contact with them to determine their situation and inform the Ministry in Kingston of any new circumstances.

The Ministry is to provide a special number for this purpose today.

The number of people killed in China by the coronavirus has risen to 81, with almost 3,000 confirmed ill