Businessman George Neil has taken out a lawsuit against the Government of Jamaica, the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR).

The lawsuit was filed recently in the Supreme Court. Mr. Neil is alleging that the Government’s revocation of Caricel’s telecommunications license, due in part to alleged adverse traces associated with him, has breached his constitutional rights.

Mr. Neil was identified last year as a financier of Caricel. Moves were made to revoke the company’s license following concerns from Jamaica’s international partners.

In his lawsuit, Mr. Neil says his reputation has been damaged by the actions of the Government. He says the adverse trace comment made in Government documents denotes that he’s a wrongdoer and a criminal.

Mr. Neil is denying wrongdoing. He says the stigmatization of him constitutes an assault on the inherent dignity of him as a person or citizen of a free and democratic society, which is a provision stated in Jamaica’s charter of rights and freedoms.

Mr. Neil says former telecommunications Ministers, Dr. Andrew Wheatley and Phillip Paulwell, have taken actions detrimental to him based on the alleged adverse traces associated with him. He’s seeking financial compensation from the Government of Jamaica.

Mr. Neil’s lawsuit was filed by Attorney Patrick Bailey. He’s also being represented by Queen’s Counsel, Lord Anthony Gifford.

The lawsuit names the Attorney General as the first defendant, the OUR as the second defendant and the SMA as the third defendant.

Caricel is currently locked in a legal dispute with the Government. The development comes as the Government is in the final stages of revoking the company’s telecommunications license.

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