The former Councillor for the Yallahs Division, Constantine Bogle, is accusing Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, of trying to distract the electorate with his recent comments about vendors at the Yallahs market.

According to Minister McKenzie, the actions of the then People’s National Party administration forced vendors to sell outside the market. This, while another business continues to operate inside the market.

Nationwide News understands, a foundation, ran by the PNP’s Constantine Bogle leased the property housing the market from the St Thomas Municipal Corporation.

Our news centre also understands that the foundation subsequently sub-leased the market space to an auto parts company. Mr. Bogle says Mr. McKenzie’s statement isn’t factual.

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He says the market was underused and attracted criminals before the Paul Bogle Foundation acquired the lease.

Mr. Bogle is the president of the Paul Bogle Foundation.

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Our news centre understands that a car parts store is now operating out of the market.

Mr. Bogle says the government gave up its right to determine what activity takes place in the market once it leased it to a private entity.

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Mr. Bogle says the real issue is what he’s calling the poor leadership of Member of Parliament for West St. Thomas, the JLP’s James Robertson.