A former member of the Dexter Street Gang has turned State witness in the case against his alleged former gang members.

This was revealed today in the Supreme Court in downtown, Kingston.

Sixteen alleged members of the gang — also known as the Middle East Gang — were brought before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes this afternoon where allegations of multiple murders, robberies and other gang-related activities were laid out.

Prosecutor Nicolas Edmund led the Crown’s case.

According to the prosecutor leading the Crown’s case, on October 27 last year a container with 19 guns and 4-thousand 380 rounds of assorted ammunition was found on a wharf in Kingston

The prosecution says the guns were found in a freezer. The guns were reportedly sent from the United States from a Jamal Jacobs.

Investigations by the US Agency for Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms also reportedly traced one of the firearms to Jacobs. The court heard that the guns were sent to a Mr. Fenton of a Westmoreland address.

According to the prosecution, Mr. Fenton is the one who allegedly indicated that the weapons were destined for Westmoreland.

The prosecution says investigators from the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch, C-TOC went to Westmoreland to do further investigations.

The Supreme Court heard that a former gang member, who’s being called ‘Red’ to protect his identity, is cooperating with the police.

The prosecution says ‘Red’ has provided details on the gang’s operations.

The court also heard that the former member of the Dexter Street Gang turn State witness also pointed out the alleged members of the Westmoreland-based gang.

The prosecution also says Red also provided information on the gang’s base of operations and the roles each alleged member played.

The prosecution says the former gang member was also able to point out the alleged leader of the Middle East Gang, a Shadane Robinson.

The Court also heard that Red was also able to point out the local don.

The lead prosecutor also says during identification parades, the State witness pointed out all 16-alleged members of the gang who appeared in court today.

The 16-accused persons included four women and four members from one family.

Bail applications will be heard for the alleged gangsters starting on June 27.