A former employee of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is in police custody after he attempted to hijack a bus in downtown Kingston on Saturday.

It was his second attempt to drive away a bus without authorization. He was successful in the first attempt last month, when he drove the bus from one of the company’s depots, causing minor damage to a motor vehicle in Grants Pen.

Saturday’s incident happened at the bus lay by at Parade in downtown Kingston. The man was accosted by members of the JUTC’s Franchise Protection Department who handed him over to the Police.

The state-owned bus company says it’s launched a wide-scale investigation.

In the meantime, Managing Director of the JUTC, Paul Abrahams is chiding Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips, who had called for an audit of the company following the incident.

Mr Phillips was raising concerns about the company’s security.

But Mr Abrahams says the Opposition should stop being alarmist, as there are more critical issues plaguing the bus company, such as rampant vandalism which is costing them millions of dollars. He says the company has met with its security provider and is reviewing its protocols to provide a safe and secure public transportation service.