Nationwide News has confirmed that another former Minister of the Moravian Church, Dr. Canute Thompson, will be suing a woman who’s made allegations that he has sexually abused girls.

The woman writes on Facebook, using the name ‘Stella Gibson’.

However, it’s understood her real name is Latoya Nugent.

Ms. Nugent is Public Education and Training Manager at the local LGBT advocacy group, J-FLAG.

She’s also the Executive Director of We-Change, which is an advocacy group for lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender women.

Dr. Thompson has rubbished her claims, saying they’re baseless and part of what he described as a ‘smear campaign’.

He’ll be suing her for defamation.

He’s being represented by the law firm, Williams, McKoy, and Palmer.

They’ve written Ms. Nugent, telling her to withdraw the allegations and submit a formal apology.

She’s posted the letter and her response on Facebook.

It says the allegations made by Ms. Nugent are completely false, and constitute a grave and malicious libel of Dr. Thompson.

It says the damage to his reputation and the lowering of his estimation among his colleagues have already been done.

It says cognizant of this fact, it’s demanding that Ms. Nugent write a suitable apology and display it prominently on her Facebook page and in local newspapers.

Ms. Nugent was given a deadline which expired today.

However, in an expletives-laden response, she made it clear she’ll not apologize.

Speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News, attorney-at-law for the firm, Carlton Williams, says they’ve received her response.

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He says that Dr. Thompson maintains his innocence.