A former People’s National Party General Secretary, Paul Burke, is admitting that both major political parties are guilty of practicing tribal politics.

However, Burke explained that the current government is far more tribal, than any previous administration.

Burke was reacting to former PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, assertion yesterday in Parliament that tribal politics has stunted Jamaica’s development.

Mr. Burke says the statement will possibly leave a bad taste in the mouths of some PNP members.

He noted that Dr. Phillips is preparing to say goodbye to politics.

Hykel Nunes reports:

Right timing!

That’s the response of Paul Burke to Dr. Phillips’ contribution to the State of the Constituency Debates in the House of Representatives last evening.

Dr. Phillips chastised parliamentarians on both sides of the political divide for practicing tribal politics.

Burke says the statement comes at a crucial juncture in Jamaica’s politics.

While admitting that the PNP must be held accountable for its role in tribal politics, Burke says the current government has moved it up a notch.

Burke is of the view that Dr. Phillips’ statement may make some PNP members uneasy.

But he says Dr. Phillips’s comments should not be misrepresented by persons who disagree.

According to Burke, when Dr. Phillips eventually departs the political arena, it will weaken the PNP.