Former PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the country requires a proper truth and reconciliation commission to move forward.

However, he says, he himself would have nothing to confess during such a discussion despite his attendance of the funeral of reputed gangster Willie Haggart.

Dr. Phillips was speaking on Nationwide@5 last evening with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.

Haggart, whose given name is William Moore, was the reputed leader of the Arnett Gardens-based, Black Roses crew.
Phillips and several other former Cabinet Ministers were criticized in 2001 for attending his funeral.

Dr. Phillips accepts that the signal which was sent was ill advised and led to confusion.

He says a previous attempt at a Truth and Reconciliation commission failed to achieve meaningful change.

However while endorsing such a commission Dr. Phillips says he doesn’t believe he has anything to confess at such a discussion.

Dr. Peter Phillips, Former President of the People’s National Party.