Former Councillor in the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, Barrington Bailey, has been released on bail.

He was offered bail in the sum of $150,000 when he appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court yesterday.

Brown is charged with illegal possession of firearm. His Attorney, Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares Finson, applied for bail yesterday. Mr. Tavares Finson insisted that Bailey is not a flight risk. Bailey was ordered to return to Court on April 13.

Bailey, who’s a former Councilor of the Ensom City Division, was arrested and charged last week. He was charged after two firearms were found in his motor vehicle by a joint Police/Military team.

The firearm was found when Bailey was intercepted at a checkpoint in Inswood, St. Catherine.

Bailey was able to produce a license for one of the firearms but, he could not account for the other. He reportedly told the Police he had picked up a passenger who requested a ride.

According to the former Councillor, the passenger got out of the vehicle prior to reaching the checkpoint set up by the security forces.