The Police have arrested four men, including a teenager, in separate security operations across four parishes, since yesterday.

The Police have also seized four firearms and thirty rounds of ammunition during the incidents. In one of the incidents, yesterday, in Inverness district, Clarendon, a 17-year old boy pulled and fired a firearm at his father.

In a statement, the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit says the teen was having a dispute with his father when the incident occurred. He then fled the scene. The Police found three 9 millimetre rounds of ammunition in the child’s room during a search.

They later arrested him with a homemade firearm, in the community. He was charged for shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm.

In another incident, in St James, two men were taken into custody after Police seized a 9-millimeter pistol and thirteen 9-millimetre rounds of ammunition. The incident happened during an operation in Pitfour in the parish.

And yesterday, the Savanna-la-Mar Police conducted a snap raid on a premise in Westmoreland, where they found a CZ 99 Pistol and several rounds of ammunition. They arrested a man who was occupying the premises.

The Hunts Bay Police also conducted an operation, and recovered a firearm late last night. That incident happened at Pear Lane in Kingston 11. No one was arrested.