Photo by: Loop News

An investigation into instances of suspected irregularities involving cheques issued by the Knox Community College in Spalding Clarendon is now underway at the institution.

Nationwide News understands, that several staff members attached to the accounts department have been placed on administrative leave.

In a statement from the Community College, dated January 17, it says irregularities involving the falsification of several cheques issued by the College, were recently discovered.

It says the discovery was prompted, by a recent call from the institution’s bankers, seeking to verify three cheques presented to them.

The school says those three cheques had numbers coinciding with the ones issued by the College, but apparently were altered to reflect greater amounts.

According to the statement, subsequent internal checks revealed that other cheques had in fact been paid previously.

The statement did not disclose the amount of money involved.

It says the matter has been reported to the school’s Bank, Board of Management, auditors, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, the Ministry of Education and other authorities.

The school says contingency measures have been put in place to ensure business continues.